ⒶⒷⒸ Q&A: Update on Race Program & New Referral Program

ABC – Race Program Update

ABC has made changes to our racing program! Starting July 31st the following changes will be happening to our racing program:
~ There will no longer be an entry fee to participate in an ABC race.
~ Every QL race will have the same payout amount. Win = 1000L$, Place = 500L$, Show=250L$.
~ In order to be qualified to race your Horse/Pony must have 100% Vitality.
~ Once your Horse/Pony goes into Racing Cool-Down its Vitality will drop to 0%.
~ A Horse/Pony must be on Feed for 24 hours to reach 100% Vitality.
~ A Race must have a minimum of 5 entries to run.

The New Official ABC Racing Rules will be posted to the ABC website by July 31st. Please read them thoroughly, if you have any questions please IM xxNorthStarxx Resident (Liv) or Pammiejean Resident.


ABC – Referral Program

We have always been happy when we hear members of our community say that they joined us when a friend told them about ABC! Well now we’d like to show you our thanks for spreading the word about ABC.
~ When your friend registers for the ABC quests & Consumables they will be asked for your name and UUID as the person who referred them.
~ Once your friend has been with ABC for 30 days and has maintained a breeding pair of Horses or Ponies, you will receive a Badge and 3 Quest Coins.
~ Every time you have 5 qualified referrals you will get your choice of a special ABC Referral Horse or Pony. This will be a special breed, its coat will NOT pass but the Eyes will pass.
~ As an extra bonus for your friend, each new person to join the ABC group will have access to a vendor that will give the 2 starter horses and 2 starter ponies.


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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil