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ABC Q&A 6/17/13 – Food Exploit and More

Recently ABC became aware of a food exploit, which set in motion some changes to protect the community and the company.

Some of the more prominent changes are:

– The Satellite Stores have been taken offline temporarily.

– Current food has been updated from v2.4 to v2.5. Moving forward with v2.5 the food and consumables will be Non-Transferable.

– v2.4 food still out, but it is not being sold by ABC.

– If you have v2.4 food you should start using it up. At some point in the near future there will be an update. The v2.4 will not be compatible with the horses.

– The new version of the food will also be getting a visual update. The new look will help the community identify the updated food from the old food.

– The update will happen NO Sooner than 30 days.

This update is necessary to safeguard the community.


Q: Has all the stolen food been confiscated? Or is the community still open to being pulled into this?

A: The unauthorized food has not been recovered, that is all the information that ABC can provide.


Q: Can we still set the food to Group or Everyone?

A: Yes


Q: Can I put my food in someone else’s feeder?

A: No the new food cannot be put in someone else’s feeder, as it is non-transfer.


Q: Are there going to be gift cards to help people?

A: Currently ABC is not sure if they are going to be doing a gifting system on the vendors.


Q: Is the current transferable food 100% normal?

A: If the food was purchased from ABC or one of it’s ABC Satellite locations, then the food is good. If someone’s offering to sell you food that you’re not comfortable buying from then don’t buy it.


Q: Are people in trouble from buying at these illegitimate locations?

A: No the purchaser is not in trouble. This food that is being sold outside of the ABC Official avenues is the responsibility of the ones that are exploiting it. But if you’re buying food from people from in the community that are known names then you’re probably safe.


Q: Is there bad food out there still being sold?

A: To ABC’s knowledge yes the exploited food is still being sold.


Q: Will we get notice before the update?

A: Yes, we will be making sure that the community is informed and with all the details.


Q: What about people who will not be around when the update happens?

A: Please submit a ticket and give ABC all the information and we will get your horses situated.


Q: Will the pets be getting updated?

A: At this time we are not sure if the pets will need an update.


Q: Will mules be ride-able soon?

A: This is not a priority at this time.


Quests are going to be released very soon!

The website will have some things that will be required.

The quest system is going to work as follows:

–        There will be quest terminals that you can click on to get the quests started

–        There will be quests for ABC Auctions, exploration, racing and much more.

–        The quests will give you rewards, and coins that you can turn in for rewards for your efforts in the questing’s.

The quest system is designed to help bring balance to the way community members earn rewards and enjoy the different things you can do in ABC. Questing is at your own pace you don’t have any time limits or anything.


Q: Can you start and stop quests?

A: Yes, you do quests at your own pace so you can go as fast or as slow as you like.


Q: How will people be able to track their quests?

A: ABC will be tracking all quest progress and making it available on the website for people to view. You will only be able to see another person’s badges,


Q: Will there ever be an update that will allow for little avatars to fit on horses?

A: Anything is possible, there may be thing coming that will be acceptable for small avis.


Q: Will there be new CR horses?

A: There are CR horses in development and will be released.

As a side note, there will be a quest horse. The quest horses will be called Elementals.


Q: Will there be wagering on the jousting?

A: Undecided at this time.


Dar addressed the ABC Race Wagering and received feedback from the community.

– Some people said that they didn’t realise they could wager others said didn’t understand how it worked, and a few just said they couldn’t afford to wager.


Q: If we come across an interesting horse online with a tail or mane or something can we submit them?

A: Yes please submit all suggestions to ABC via the ticket system under a Suggestions and Comments ticket.

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil