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Welcome to ABC


ABC is defining a new era in breedables, bringing a highly talented team along with a unique business plan to the virtual environment of Second Life. Our goal is simple: Create a Breedable animal that is “believable”, with cutting edge scripting, make it fun for anyone to use, while looking towards the future to expand and grow the breedable market and community.


Discover a new gateway to your breedables with ABC Awesome Breed Creations, one of the fastest growing ventures on the grid. ABCs unique blend of scripting, sculpting, and team of experienced people will be sure to produce a product and provide an environment in which you can rediscover breedables as they were meant to be.


Come experience a breedable that doesn't compromise on look, with unmatched script performance and improved physics and motion and many behind the scene improvements that really serve to make the Breedable experience more enjoyable.

Getting Started with ABC...



Getting started with ABC is a very simple process.


  1. Register at a Vendor/Quest System terminal. These are located at our Main Shop and any of our Satellite Shops.
  2. Purchase any size Starter Pack, or visit one of the many ABC Markets located throughout SL to purchase that "Special" Horse or Pony that you've had your eye on.
  3. Purchase some food. Our Starter Packs come with 2 weeks of Hay & Salt, However if you purchased a Horse or Pony from a market you will need to get it some food. For help choosing which food or consumables you will need, please read the Horse or Pony Manual located on the menu to the left, also you can check out the Food & Care FAQ.
  4. Explore our website, there is tons of information here to assist you in becoming a skilled breeder.
  5. Enjoy!

About the V2.6 Food & Consumables



The new V2.6 Food & Consumables have been designed to make your experience with ABC even easier and give you more time to spend with your horses instead of waiting for food deliveries.


You must be registered for our Vendor/Quest system in order to use this exciting new feature.


Once registered, you will be able to use our vendors, located inside our main shop on the ABC sim and at the many ABC satellite shops.


Simply right click and buy the item that you want. Once you have accepted your purchase, you will automatically receive your Quest credits for your purchase(s).


When you receive your purchase, you will have a box in your inventory that contains “shells” of the item you bought. These “shells” are the delivery system to feed/care for your horses using the products that you have bought and have credit for on our website. The total amount of food that you purchased will be credited to your online account. As your horses use these items, the count will go down. However, as long as you keep your account full, you will never need to replace the “shell”.


Our consumables will work the same way that they always have. Once the consumable is used its “shell” will disappear. However, as with the food, you will be able to see your remaining amount of consumables on the website. When you have used your last consumable the shell will not disappear, it will remain on the ground with a note in red hover text to let you know that you have run out of that consumable in your account. Sometimes (due to lag) you may not see that your horse/pony used the consumable, just toggle the animals hover text and it should show the correct amount of whatever was used.


You will always receive an equal amount of shells to the amount that you have purchased. If you should find that you have lost shells and need a replacement please file a ticket.


You can always check the amount of food/consumables in your account by clicking the link below or by purchasing the in-world “Consumable Status” item in our shops. It will update your account totals every 30 minutes or when you click on the item.

Page Updated: 2/15/14