FAQ - Horse Training Manual

Instructions for Training your ABC Horse.



**General instructions for training**


* Your Horse must eat Feed to train: Pull, Speed, Stamina, Sprint or Jump.


* Rezz out a bag of Feed within range of your Horse. Set your Horse to eat Feed and make sure that it eats some. Your Horse must eat a bite of Feed before training or your Horse will not go up in skill stats. If you have been training for around 10 minutes and have seen no increase in the skill stat then your Horse has not eaten the Feed.


*Turn off and remove any Animation Override’s (AO's) you are wearing, right-click your Horse and "Ride" your Horse (Do NOT wear from inventory).


* Left-click your Horse and choose Training on the menu, then the skill you want to train, your Horse will tell you in local chat:

"Your Horse Name: This Horse is now training for stamina"

The hover text will change to orange.

Note: if your Horse is already has orange text saying its set to train in the skill you want to train, you will need to select it again to activate training.


* Press Page Down on your keyboard to toggle the Horse to running mode (it will tell you in local chat that it's in running mode). Your Horse has to be in running mode for its skill stats to increase.


* Your Horse is controlled by the arrow keys on your keyboard or the ‘WASD’ keys. Keep your Horse moving to train it, do not stop until your Horse "talks" to you. Watch local chat for information regarding your Horse.


* Your Horse will tell you in local chat when it has gained a skill level by one point:

"Your Horse Name": Skill Update:: Sprint : 1 / 41."


*When your Horse is tired and needs to rest you will see this in local chat:

"Your Horse Name: The Horse completed its training period. Now it is in Cool-Down mode."


*During Cool-Down the Hover text will go green, when your Horse has rested sufficiently its hover text will change from green to white and will be ready for its next training session.


**Special Instructions for Jump Training**


NOTE: If you are training on a prim ground surface or platform your land must have the following land settings:

About Land > Options > "No Pushing" must NOT be ticked.


When you press page up to jump, your Horse will not jump up like it does when you’re riding and training on the natural ground.


*If you are training jump then you need to make your Horse jump to train it, press your ‘page up’ key on your keyboard and make the Horse jump as you run along, its easiest to do this in a flat open area, without trying to jump anything in your way, if your Horse has just started training it may not be able to jump very high.


**Special Instructions for Sled & Sulky Training**


* Follow the instructions above to place your Horse into training mode for “Pull”


* Left-click on your Horse and choose Equipment. Choose "Sled" or “Sulky” the Horse will rezz out a Sled or Sulky behind the Horse. Wait for your Sled/Sulky to fully rezz out, give it 10 seconds after you see if fully rezzed before you go to the next step.


* “Stand Up” From your Horse.


* Right click on your Horse and "Take" it to your inventory. Then right click and wear it from inventory.


* Allow the Horse 15 seconds to load before you move or do anything. Do not move until you can touch the Horse and get the drop down menu.


* Right click on the Sled/Sulky and "Ride". Your avatar will sit on the sled/Sulky and the Horse will position itself in the harness.


Note: if your Horse is already has orange text saying it’s in the skill you want to train, you may need to tell it again.


*Your Horse must be running for skill levels to go up.


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