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ABC – Awesome Breed Creations is pleased to announce our endorsement of



THE CLASSIC ALL-BREED HORSE SHOW has been produced by Wickman Gibbs & Montana Ballard in an effort to encourage more enthusiasm and promoting the many vanity features in all of the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations Horses & Ponies.




This competition is to present your horse with the best vanity traits to the best of your ability!


How to compete:


1. Pickup entry form from the Breed Board your entering @ Seven Springs . (Note: ONLY Owners may enter the horse)


2. Complete Entry Forms (instructions on form) and submit immediately. (Use official entry form no substitute)


3. Drop entries in Blue Mailbox BEFORE the deadline DATE/TIME or before entries reach 80.


4. Only Owners may enter and are limited to one (1) entry per breed. (number of entries allowed per Owner will vary at times check rules)


5. Absolutely No back to back Breed Entries, No Exceptions!


6. Issued Armbands must be worn during the horse/pony show and returned when you have finished competing.


7. Please listen to Gate Stewards instructions, they are also there to assist you.


Good Luck!



Things to know:


Breeds are judged in alphabetical order.


Each breed is judged with both Male and Female competing at the same time.

(Males can be Stallion, Stud, Pet) (Females can be Mares, Broodmares, Pet)


Best of Breed winners compete for Best In Show.


At the end of the season all winners of Best in Show compete for Grand Championship.



Helpful Hints:


Have knowledge how to mount, move horse/pony at a walk and run.


Wear appropriate attire that allows your horse/pony to be seen and shows how the rider and horse compliment each other.


Have equipment on horse/pony to be in proper position before entering arena.


Arrive early to avoid tardiness or No Shows!

Page Updated: 1/5/2016