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Summertime for ABC is always filled with lots of racing, auctions, events, and activities! Check it out!

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We have Optional Accessories for your Horses and Ponies in the ABC Main Shop. Dressing up your horse or pony is so much fun to see what combinations you can add.

Starting on Thursdays we have 4 days packed full of adrenaline causing racing… great for participants and spectators.
Thurs/Fri – 5 pm SLT
Sat/Sun – Double Header 1 pm SLT and 5 pm SLT

Auctions are where it is at! If you are breeding and selling or just trying to see what is going on in the market and community… Go visit and see what is happening, meet some new friends, and see all the amazing horses and ponies for sell… you will not be disappointed.


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ABC – Whats Happening Now – Fall / Winter 2018!

The air is turning crisp and there are a lot of things going on currently! We wanted to send out a quick reminder.

ABC has the Oktoberfest Shells, Halloween Optional Accessories, and the 7th Anniversary Horse are still available on the ABC Main SIM. Make sure to get them while you can for your collection before they are picked up.

Check the calendar for auctions, racing, and classes!

Auctions: We have many auctions a week for you to sell your horses and ponies. Now that summer and back to school have passed it is time to start focusing on getting those entries in.

Racing: You still have time to qualify for the Crown Cup and to start planning for the next one. The general races and qualifying races are on Thursday – Sunday.

Classes: We have a wide range of classes and training to help you with becoming an Auctioneer, Jockey, and developing your breeding and skills working with the breedables. Check the ABC website for details and keep an eye on announcements in the ABC Main Chat Group.

Have Fun!



ABC Fun! Monthly Flickr Contest… Quests… Auctions… Customer of the Month…

ABC has great resources for our community, from our Website to Classes, along with Events, Quests and Social Media…

The links below will help new people as well as the experienced ABC Community find their way around!

Make sure to keep an eye out for announcements in the ABC Main Group on these and more!


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ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Jockey Hands On, check the event calendar on the ABC website

Jockey Classes – check the event calendar on the ABC website


Auctioneer / Auction Owner Classes – check the event calendar on the ABC website


We have a fun way of learning through a level up game for the ABC Products. Through activities, purchases, breeds, etc. you can earn badges, points, coins, and prizes.

For more information go to the ABC Website at the bottom of the main page and click on Quests.


ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Show off your photographs of the ABC Horses and Ponies by entering them in our monthly contest! Awesome Breed Creations Flickr Group:
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We are always looking for individuals that shine in the ABC Community. In order to be eligible… have a pick in your Second Life profile featuring ABC – Awesome Breed Creations and you may be chosen as the next ABC Customer of the Month and win an amazing prize. Ask at the ABC Main Shop for details on the contest.


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We are excited to announce that ABC – Awesome Breed Creations is on the Second Life Places page.

ABC – Main Shop and Auction House

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ABC: Rogue Auctions and ABC Policy


Before ABC released it’s first breedable, a new philosophy was adopted to assist the ABC community in maintaining the value of their breedables.

This philosophy and the creation of the ABC Auction and Bid Board Results system was ABC‘s answer.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

ABC is still a free market economy, you may sell your breedable for what you believe it is worth. The auction and bid board results are merely tools to help you price your horses/ponies using the current sales and market trends.

This brings up the topic of auction houses and auctioneers that are NOT licensed by ABC. We call these Rogue Auctions. This includes in-world auctions or on-line auctions of ABC Licensed products.

These are detrimental to the philosophy and core beliefs of ABC‘s auction system. Rogue Auctions operate outside of the ABC system, they do not follow the official rules and take no responsibility for maintaining the market. Whether it is sales, ethics, or integrity of the transactions. This causes a chain reaction of events that negatively impacts all the ABC community.

ABC‘s policy for Rogue Auctions is that if anything should happen to a horse/pony at a Rogue Auction, ABC will not support the buyer or seller with any issues that arise. There are no exceptions and zero tolerance.

If you conduct a rogue auction, auctioneer, sell, or buy, you will have to face the consequences set forth by ABC. This could mean licenses revoked (if you are ABC Licensed), banned from ABC auctions, and/or other consequences depending on your participation.

ABC takes rogue auctions very seriously as it impacts the community and the market.

Thank you for your support and cooperation… This is an issue that impacts us all.



Celebrate the 2015 Fall Crown Cup & the Awesome Breed Creations 4th Anniversary!

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations presents the 2015 Fall Crown Cup and Events – October 17-29, 2015

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC – Awesome Breed Creations getting ready for the event of the season!

We have a great line up of events coming up to celebrate the ABC 2015 Fall Crown Cup and Fourth Anniversary of Awesome Breed Creations!
First our celebrations begin with the ABC 2015 Fall Crown Cup itself! We’ll be running the Crown Cup on Saturday, October 17th at 5pm SLT. Join us at ABC Auction House & Track for this great day of fun and celebration! We’re planning a great party after the race so make sure to stick around and celebrate another fine season of racing for ABC.

Thursday, October 22nd we’ll being doing an auction to benefit Toys for Tots! We’ll start this roller coast ride of an auction at 4pm SLT. To enter this very special auction, you will have to submit a notecard to Acheron Xaris (AcheronDaniel Resident) with the horse stats, and the stats of the sire and dam along with an opening bid. As part of this fun day, sellers are encouraged to decorate the auction stall! Tell us the story with your decoration of this poor miserable horse or pony you’re bringing to the auction. We have some very special guest auctioneers to help with the call. Sellers are asked to contribute all proceeds to Toys for Tots. The auction house is giving up commission for that day and there will be no tips accepted; any tips and the commission are for Toys for Tots!

Join us for a great LIVE show with Wayne Davis! In RL he’s the lead guitarist for David Allan Coe! This promises to be a great evening of great music and a lot of laughs. The show starts promptly at 8 pm SLT on Monday October 26th at the ABC Track!

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Wayne Davis Performs

Wayne Davis has been performing live for over 25 years.
He has had the opportunity to stand the stage with the likes of Trace Adkins, Quiet Riot, Duke Tumatoe and the power trio, .38 Special and many others and has also participated in many national guitar competitions. He also earned the Tri-State King Of The Blues Award for Cincinnati. Starting out at age 16 Wayne started performing in live venues around Tennessee. Though at the time, 80’s hair bands were all the trend in Tennessee. They still wanted hard core country and with this being the only option to get hired in the local clubs Wayne cut his teeth playing country shows in those clubs and 80,s hair music at private parties.

Preview Video

Second Life Calendar

Be there for the unveiling of the ABC Annual Anniversary Horse. It will be a party to remember.
October 28 @ 7p SLT
(Location LM will be sent out prior to the event)

Lets have some fun!

ABC Totals for RFL – Relay For Life – 1,388,000Ls ($5,620.00)

The ABC Community always opens their hearts when it comes to the amazing support and contributions during our Charity Events through out the Year!

The RFL – Relay for Life 2014 Christmas Expo & Breedables Fair in Second Life was our final charity event for 2014.

Here are the breakdowns for the different categories:

ABC 2014 Carousel Dreams Horse/Pony – 1,088,000Ls (approximately: $4405.00)

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC – RFL Carousel Dreams 2014 – Horse
ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC – RFL Carousel Dreams – Pony

ABC 2014 Brass Ring Horse – 300,000Ls (approximately: $1215.00)

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC – RFL Brass Ring 2014

Bringing ABC  to a total of 1,388,000Ls (approximately: $5620.00) raised for the RFL – Relay for Life!

ABC knows our community is amazing, but it is great to share these moments of giving with an amazing and spirited group of people.

Thank you for your support!



Summer Crown Cup Week @ ABC

★·.·´¯`·.·★ ⒶⒷⒸ 2014 Summer Crown Cup ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Top Horses, Top Jockeys, Top Breeding… come share in the excitement and watch history in the making!

Here’s what we have happening this week to celebrate the Crown Cup:


CONCERT/SHOW: Tuesday July 8 @ 7 p.m. SLT

Tuesday, July 8th @ 7 p.m. SLT on the ABC Track: ELYSIUM!!
A little different than your normal concert! You’ll want to see this show. An amazing combination of Cirque de Soleil and cabaret!

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Elysium at ABC Race Track



Friday, July 11 @ 2 p.m. SLT: Charity Auction with a Twist! Join us Friday, July 11 at 2 p.m. for the Toys for Tots charity. That’s our normal auction time, but we’re asking folks to “Bring Us Your Worst”! That’s right we want nothing but what you consider your worst. We’ll auction it off and ask that the proceeds be donated to charity to help fund the work of the Toys for Tots Charity.

Here’s how the auction will work:

1. Register your horse or pony through the website as you normally would.

2. Notify Acheron Xaris (acherondaniel resident) you have entered a horse or pony for the auction and that that horse or pony is a donation to the charity auction. (Any horse or pony entered which is not for the charity portion of the auction will be auctioned off as we normally would.)

3. Place your horse or pony on the assigned auction pedestal. Friday July 11 is our “No Fee Friday” for the month of July! So no auction stall fees this week. (The Saturday, July 12 10 a.m. SLT auction is canceled for this coming week since that is Crown Cup day.)

4. DECORATE your pedestal! That’s right, decorate your pedestal! All entrants for the charity auction will have 50 prims (that’s 50 prims for horse/pony and decor) to decorate the auction pedestal on which their horse or pony is placed. You can decorate the pedestal anyway you like, but remember our auction theme is “Bring Us Your Worst.” Decoration contest winners will be selected by a three judge panel and announced at the end of the auction. Cut off time for decorating is the start of the auction. Winners will receive free auction stall fees for the rest of the month of July!

And just a word of warning, the auctioneers for the charity auction are: Kazoo, Octavia Loordes, Nahtasha Uriza, and Acheron Xaris. Don’t be surprised if they good naturedly tease about the horse or pony on offer. This is to be a fun, humorous event to help children have a wonderful Christmas! So bring your worst!


Entries need to be given to Acheron Xaris (acherondaniel resident) by 3 p.m. SLT the day of the Crown Cup race. Any member of the ABC community may enter the races; a jockey’s license is not required for the Exhibition Races.
⊰℧⊱Upside-Down Relay Race⊰℧⊱
Yes, we’re doing the upside down race as a relay but there is a twist too it; the horse & rider will have to be upside down!!

Here’s how the upside-down race is to work:

1. Each relay team will be composed of four members, one of whom must be a member of the Racing Authority staff.

2. Any breed of horse may be used in this race. Genetic qualifying level does not matter.

3, Each team is invited to come in fancy dress. Fancy dress can be unique to each individual or the same throughout the team.

4. Each relay team will be given an item the day of the race to pass from rider to rider on each leg of the race.

5. Horse and rider for each leg of the race must be upside down, (This is done by riding the horse and then through “edit” turning the horse upside down.)

6. Each leg of the race is one lap around the track. Each team will pass the relay item (which must be worn and visible to the race judges for the race) to the next rider at the hand-off/finish line. The race continues until all four riders for each team completes the course. The first team to successfully cross the finish line with their relay item worn after all four riders have made their lap around the track wins the race.
⊰℧⊱Dash to the Infield⊰℧⊱
To honor the memory of ValentinoMessi, our amazing race announcer, we are holding a “Dash to the Infield.” (This is a “flat race” — large or small doesn’t matter as we will accept any horse for this race.)

Here’s how it will work:

1. Each rider may be attired in any manner in which they choose except naked.

2. Any breed of horse may be used in this race. Genetic qualifying level does not matter.

3. Each rider shall run the race normally starting from gate B. However, after they cross what is the normal “finish line” on their first trip around the track each rider is to jump the rail and finish the race on the infield.

4. The winner shall be the first rider to jump the rail into the infield, complete the race on the infield, and cross the normal finish line location after completing the remainder of the race on the infield.
⊰℧⊱Draft Horse Only Steeplechase⊰℧⊱
We are holding a steeplechase as part of the fun races for the day but ONLY draft horses may enter — Belgian, Clydesdale, Drum, and Percheron!

1. Each rider shall be attired in any manner in which they choose except naked.

2. Only a Belgian, Clydesdale, Drum, or Percheron may be entered in the race. Genetic qualifying level does not matter.

3. Each rider shall “add” their horse to themselves (do not wear the horse as this will end up with the rider naked! Do not “ride” the horse as you would normally either. In inventory, right click the box icon for the horse and from the drop down menu choose “add.”)

4. Each rider shall run the race as a normal steeplechase with the first horse to cross the finish line as the winner.


Come Celebrate the ABC 2014 Summer Crown Cup

ABC : Taking the Mystery out of Reserve Bids at Auction

The Gavel with the Auction Manager

ABC - Awesome Breed Creation
Fern Sabre ABC Auction Manager

What is this Reserve Bid choice when you register your horse for a Licensed ABC Auction?! Do you choose a Starting Bid or Reserve Bid?

There is no magic formula to determine if you should use one or the other, however if you have an amazing horse that you believe is worth a certain amount, you might want to use a Reserve Bid.

That triple 100 with amazing vanity traits or an especially rare coat may be worth quite a lot. If you believe it is worth $L10,000 and use a Starting Bid of $L5,000 you may only sell it for $L5,000.

Instead you decide to use a Starting Bid of $L10,000 only to find that sticker-shock has descended over the buyers resulting in a future sale!

So….the answer is a Reserve Bid!

Entering $L10,000 in the Reserve Bid section of the auction registration will alert the auctioneer this needs to be handled a bit differently than a starting bid.

An auctioneer will determine an appropriate starting bid such as $L3,000. This amount will not result in sticker shock and will get the ball rolling! Starting at a lower opening price encourages people to bid and most often results in bid wars that may surpass the $L10,000 Reserve.  Typically the Reserve Bid amount is never disclosed to the buyers.

Reserve Bids allows you sell a valuable horse or pony for what you believe it is worth and protects you from selling it for too little.  This also helps the market by not underselling a valuable horse!

Fern Sabre, ABC Auction Manager

Visit the ABC Website for more Auction Information

«♦» ABC Summer Cup Fibromyalgia Charity Auction 2013 Raises 316,588L$ «♦»


The ABC Community, Auction Houses, and Auctioneers came together with the ABC Team to put on an event that was a huge success.


The Auction Houses got together with their clients and donated amazing horses to be auctioned by their Auctioneer. This gave the community the opportunity to experience several of the Auction Houses in one auction. We had raffle boards with donated horses and a Deep South Chopper motorcycle (with an original paint job).

DarWarpaintAppaloosaABC Owners surprised everyone with an addition to the auction, a Warpaint Appaloosa which is not currently in the gene pool but eventually will be. That fact made this a coveted horse and broke the Auction Sales Record with a final bid of 200,000L$.

To further show how amazing the community is there were several individual donations made to the kiosk to support Fibromaylgia.

Not only did we almost cap out the sim capacity with 93 people but within approximately 2 hours, as a group, we raised 316,588.

Everyone had a great time and supported the Fibromyalgia Association.

Congratulations Everyone that made the charity auction such a success and a special thank you to the ABC Team that put this event together you all did a fantastic job!

«♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦»
\\ //, <(*_*)> live long and prosper
*** ok so I could not resist… ***
«♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦» «♦»