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All About Silks...



Looking fashionable while on the track is as easy as A...B...C...

All that you need to do is decide which color & design you would like to wear and then get them registered on our website so that they are YOUR personal style.


Then if your the creative type you can make your own, just follow the guidelines listed below for vendors. Once you have them contact Pammiejean Resident or niterose Resident.




Contact one of our Authorized Vendors, they already know exactly what we are looking for, and are more than willing to help you live out your fashion dreams! If you are not sure about color & design, talk to them with their creative talents they can get you the look that you want.

Silks Registry is currently under construction....



We are busy getting everything updated with our Silks Registry, including retiring some silks that are not currently in use. Once we have the updated list we will re-open our Silks pages and they will show all Silks currently in use.


Thank You for your patience and understanding!

Awesome Breed Creations is currently seeking people who are interested in being "Authorized" silks vendors for our jockeys.


Our standards for our silks will be as follows:


No Scripts of any kind

Prims are ok!

Sexy is allowed but NOT smutty!

No Flexi prims


So think you've got what it takes to make the racing world fashionable?


Contact niterose Resident in-world and show us what you've got!