Racing - Provision V

Provision V - Entries




1. Entries shall be made by the horse Owner completing the entry form located on the ABC website.


  a. Horses registered must be:

    i. The most current version ABC horse.

    ii. An un-bred horse (Stallion or Mare)

    iii. Not over 90 days old.

    iv. Have a Vitality equal to 100%.

    V. Be properly trained to the QL race it is entering.


  b. All information on the registration must be spelled correct and use full ‘legacy’ names   including the last name of “Resident”.


  c. Entries are considered valid and complete once registered on the website.


    i. Jockeys are hereby authorized to enter back to back races provided they do not hinder the starting of the next race. i.e. having to retrieve the next horse from a different location or not having proper silks.


2. The Clerk of Course is the person authorized to receive entries for all races. The Clerk of Course, employees of their department, or racing officials shall not disclose any pertinent information concerning entries which have been submitted until after all entries are closed.


3. All entries and rights of entry are valid and survive when a horse is sold with his engagements duly transferred. The entries, rights of entry, and engagements remain with the horse and are transferred therewith, to the new owner.


4. In the event a jockey who is named to ride on a mount in a race is unable to fulfill his engagement or is excused by the Officials, during the script-in process, the Owner of the horse may replace that jockey within three minutes. If no satisfactory substitute jockey is available, the Officials will disqualify the horse from the race and all fees will be forfeited.


5. Any horse ineligible to be entered for a race, or ineligible to start in any race, which enters into or competes in such race will be disqualified, and the Racing Authority may discipline anyone responsible therefore.


6. The manner of selecting positions of horses at the post shall be by lot and shall be made at the time a horse’s entry is submitted to the website.


7. There must be a minimum of 5 horses entered into a race for it to take place.


     a. Registrations are limited to one (1) horses per race per Owner. Ownership of a horse under a lease contract does not transfer to the lessee or user of the horse in ABC.  All horses must be registered under the ultimate owner of the horse.


     8. Jockey riding fees for Win, Place, or Show, in the absence of a contract or special agreement, are as follows: 10% of Win Purse, 5% of Place Purse, and 5% of Show Purse. A jockey's fee is considered earned when the jockey has completed a race and the horse has been entered into “cool-down”. The fee shall not be considered earned if the jockey elects to take himself off of his mount. If there is a substitution of jockeys, no additional jockey fee or double jockey fee need be paid. In this rule "Win Purse" means the amount paid the winning horse.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
Page Updated: 3.31.17