Racing - Provision IV

Provision IV - Racing Officials




1. The Racing Officials of an equestrian event will be provided by the Racing Authority. Officials can only race in approved Exhibition Races.


2. The Racing Authority shall provide each Authorized Track Location with 4 Officials per event.


3. The Racing Officials are strictly responsible to the Racing Authority for the performance of their respective duties. Any Official who fails to exercise due diligence in the performance of their duties shall be relieved of their duties by the Racing Authority.


4. If the Officials determine a race cannot be conducted in accordance with the Racing Authority rules and regulations, they shall cancel the race.


  a. The Officials may declare a race “no contest” if mechanical failure and/or interference (such as a sim crash) during the running of the race which affect the majority of horses in such race. No purses, prizes or stakes shall be awarded.


       i. If there is a mechanical failure or of the tote board/clock system lasting fifteen (15)    minutes, the race will be declared “no contest”.

       ii. A race shall be declared no contest if no horse covers the course.


5. The Clerk of Scales 1 is the highest ranking authority during the running of an Event. The Clerk of Scales 1 shall be responsible for the conduct of the jockeys on the track. At post time, the Clerk of Scales 1 shall be in control of the gate and tote board operations. The Clerk of Scales 1 shall keep the official record of all race results and submit a copy of the results to the Clerk of Course within 2 hours after the end of every event. These records shall be held for one year.


  a. Immediately after the completion of a race, any Jockey and/or Owner that has a dispute and/or complaint regarding another jockey during that race and contacts the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message shall have their dispute heard. The Officials may thereupon hold an inquiry as to the validity of said dispute.

  b. Any disqualification that is called by the Officials on the track will be posted and will allow those disqualified jockeys two (2) minutes to make a claim against their disqualification.

  c. No person shall make any claim of interference or foul knowing the same to be inaccurate, false or untruthful. Such claims will result in penalties by the Racing Authority.


6. Any complaint against an Official and/or an Official’s ruling on the track, which is not resolved within the time limits of Rule 6, shall be submitted to the Racing Authority via the ABC Support Ticket System and reviewed by the Race Commissioner.


  a. All inquiries to the Race Commissioner of a track decision will be investigated and a written response, via the original ticket in the ABC Support Ticket System, will be given within 48 hours.


7. Any ruling or order issued by the Racing Authority shall specifically contain:


  a. The full name of the licensee or person subject to the ruling or order.

  b. A statement of the offense charged including any rule number

  c. The penalty imposed.


8. The Clerk of Scales 2 is the second highest ranking authority during the running of an event. The Clerk of Scales 2 conducts all pre-race check-ins at the paddocks prior to the Jockeys arriving at the Staging Area. The Clerk of Scales 2 shall be made aware of any changes of jockeys.


9. An Associate Judge is expected to be responsive to the highest ranking official at any equestrian event.


10. The Clerk of Course shall keep a record of all racing entries, and shall receive copies of all race results from the track locations.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
Page Updated: 3/13/13