Racing - Provision III

Provision III - Jockey Licenses




1. No person required to be licensed shall participate or attempt to participate in an equestrian event without holding a valid license authorizing that participation.


2. The Racing Authority may refuse to issue a license or deny a license to any person:


a. Who has made any material misrepresentation or false statement to the Racing Authority or its agents in their application for license or otherwise, or who fails to answer any material question on an application for a license.

b. Who is unqualified to engage in the activities, for which, a license is required.

c. Who has violated, or who aids, abets or conspires with any person to violate any provision of the rules or the Horse Racing Law.


3. If a person wishes to have multiple avatars licensed, each avatar must take the Jockey licensing class and hold its own license.


4. Every licensee, in order to maintain his qualifications for any license held by him, shall be familiar with and knowledgeable of the rules including all amendments thereto.


5. An applicant for an original license as jockey shall pass a jockey’s examination before issuance of a license. An applicant shall:


a. Pass the written and practical portions of the examination as prescribed by the Racing Authority and administered by the ABC Education Department.

b. A score of 80% constitutes a passing grade for the written examination.

c. An applicant who fails the written or practical portion of the examination may re-take the failed portion at any ABC Jockey class held at a later date.


6. Any licensee who fails or refuses to comply with written or verbal notification to appear before the Racing Authority, shall have their license privileges suspended pending their appearance before the Racing Authority. Failure to appear shall be a separate cause for disciplinary action.


7. All jockeys must adhere to all instructions of the Officials on the track during an Event.


8. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any Jockeys and/or Horse Owners at any Official ABC Event or ABC Chat groups will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action by the Racing Authority and/or Track Owners. This includes, but not limited to, derogatory comments towards other Jockeys, Owners, Race Officials or Track Owners/Managers.


9. Jockeys are prohibited from being dual logged during an event they are participating in.


10. Jockeys may be subject to their license being suspended at the discretion of the Race Commissioner for the following reasons, but not limited to:


a. Inability to control their horse on the track during an event.

b. Unsportsmanlike conduct, as defined above in Rule 8.


11. Disciplinary actions are as follows:


a. First offense; Verbal or written warning with a possible suspension up to one week.

b. Second offense; suspension up to two weeks.

c. Third offense, up to and including revoking license permanently.

d. The Racing Authority reserves the right to alter suspension times according to severity of infraction leading to suspension.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
Page Updated: 4/30/16