Racing - Provision II

Provision II - Authorized Track Locations




1. Each Authorized Track Location shall observe and enforce the rules. The license is granted on the condition that the track location, its employees and its concessionaires shall obey all decisions and orders of the Racing Authority.


2. To be considered for becoming an Authorized Track Location, an application must be submitted on the website. Also, the track owners must have already set-up a track that is located alone on a full sim with a second sim attached to it for the purposes of spectator viewing and betting areas. All Authorized Track Locations will follow the below listed track specifications:


   a. All Authorized Track Locations shall purchase their tracks only from ABC - Awesome Breed   Creations.

   b. All tracks shall be on the ground level of the sim and have the ground texture set to the sand that is included with all tracks.

   c. No less than one hour prior to event starting time, the track sim and grandstand sim shall be restarted and go into lock-down. The only people allowed on the track sim will be the Track Manager, the Racing Authority Officials and the Jockeys.

   d. Also, each Authorized Track Location must have at least one Track Manager, with Estate Rights, in attendance throughout each equestrian event.

   e. All non-racing event items must be removed from the track sim prior to any event starting.


3. Each Authorized Track Location may impose conditions for its equestrian event as it may deem necessary, provided however, that such conditions do not conflict with the rules of the Racing Authority.


4. All equipment used to officially record time will be provided by the Racing Authority.


5. Each Authorized Track Location shall receive an official Race Program for each equestrian event from the Racing Authority. This shall contain the gate number each horse shall run from, the names of the horses, their ages, their owners' names and silks numbers, and the jockey’s name riding the entry.


6. The Racing Authority may deny a license to conduct an equestrian event when it determines the proposed event does not fall within the requirements of the Racing Authority.


7. Each Authorized Track Location shall appoint a Paymaster of Purses, who shall maintain records as the Racing Authority directs. All records shall be separate from those of the Racing Authority and are subject to inspection by the Racing Authority at any time.


The duties of the Paymaster of Purses or their assistant(s) shall consist of the following:


   a. Maintain records, which shall include the name of each horse owner participating in the events that has funds due to them, and the payment of those funds.

   b. Receive and disburse the purses and other awards of each race.

       i. In the case of multiple events occurring on the same day at the same track, the Paymaster of Purses has the option to pay all Purses at the closing of the last event for that day.

   c. Disburse all monies to the entitled individuals or their authorized agent and submit all event records to the Clerk of the Course within 2 hours after the event ends.

       i. In the case of multiple events occurring on the same day at the same track, the Paymaster of Purses has the option to turn in their event records within 2 hours of the closing of the last event for that day.

   d. To maintain the integrity of the races, no owners of the Authorized Track Location holding the event, or their staff, may enter into the event, if they are working said event. If they are off duty they may enter the event.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
Page Updated: 7/31/14