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“Someone asked me once did I think Second Life needed another breedable and my answer was no. The last thing Second Life needs is another breedable, but what it does need, is one that works right."


Darcul Bellic

CEO Awesome Breed Horses




What is the Awesome Breed Horses horse all about?


There are several things that make ABC horses a bit different than any other breedable in Second Life.


What makes Awesome Breed Horses different?


1. Market


We are going to do everything in our power to ensure that the value of your horses are maintained for longer than is currently customary in Second Life.


2. Breeding


When breeding, you start off with Starter Horses. These starter horses are nothing more than tools. They look like a horse, walk like one but are only tools. Starter Horses will be used to get information from the gene pool (what is available in the gene pool at the time of the breeding). The availability in the gene pool will come and go at the discretion of ABC. If for example there is a certain breed overpopulated, we will be removing that gene from the gene pool making it no longer available to starter horses. Please understand when there is a change in the gene pool, it will not be announced publicly by ABC; it will just happen. The reasoning is that when a new horse is introduced, ABC does not want to adversely affect the pre-existing market.


3. Auctions


ABC requires Auction House to report auction results which become a Market Report that is available to the community on the ABC website. The Market Report will include the following information, but not limited to the following:

Sale price of the horses auctioned

The breed of the horse auctioned

The traits of the horses auctioned

The ABC community will be able to view market trends and utilize that knowledge to grow their business.


4. Traits


In other Breedables in Second Life, items like fuzzy tails, eyes, coats, collars etc, these ABC will refer to these as "vanity traits". Examples of ABC vanity traits are face markings, tails, eyes, breeds, manes and coats. You can breed for vanity traits and that’s fantastic. Most other Breedables in Second Life are doing only that.

The racing side of an ABC Horse has Skill Sets. These skill sets are the specific ability that the horse uses in horse competition. Each skill is trainable and has its own values. Each skill will be determined by the breed of the horse The Horse skills increase as the owner trains the horse over time. The owner must choose the trait that he/she wants to train.

The horse’s skill will only increase if the owner chooses that skill and trains that specific skill. If the owner neglects or chooses not to train a skill that skill will fall.

You can breed for vanity traits only or for skill sets only, or you can breed for an "Elite Horse" which is best of both worlds.


1. You can only race a horse for the first 90 days. Of those 90 days, the first 7 the horse is still growing.

2. If you breed this horse anywhere between days 7 - day 90, you cannot race the horse anymore.

The racing events are: Flat Racing (endurance), Thoroughbred, Sulkies, Steeple Chase, Sprint Racing, and Draft Pulls.


5. Jockeys and Caretakers


Let’s say you are too busy to race your horse; you can get a friend, family member, or hire a jockey to race your horse for you. There is also a feature called "caretaker" if you are gone on vacation/out of sl whatever, you can assign someone to take care of your horse for you, including training it! (Note a caretaker can not train the 'Pull' skill)

Page Updated: 4/25/14