Auctions - Registration Guidelines

Auction Registration Guidelines




In order to enter your ABC Horse/Breedable in an Authorized ABC Auction you must read the Terms/Guidelines and fill out a Horse/Breedable Registration Form.


The Registration Form needs be filled out and submitted online within 2 hours prior to the auction time you are targeting.


Choose a 2nd and 3rd option for auction time slots, in the event the time chosen is unavailable.


Indicate a Starting Bid or a Reserve Price on the registration form. This serves as your approval of sale at the starting bid set or reserve price met.


One of our Auction Team members will verify that this is a fair starting bid/reserve price. This is not to control the market but to make sure that you are aware what the market reports are suggesting.


All horses will sell at Starting Bid or meet the Reserve Price or be a “NO SALE”.


The Auction Location Terms/Guidelines DO NOT allow “Starting Bid Dropping” during the auction.


The final call on a “NO SALE” falls to the Auctioneer's discretion.


NO swapping of horses/Breedables in an auction once they have been submitted to the Auction Location.


Removing a breedable out of an auction requires a 4 hour notice to allow ABC and the Auction Location time to offer the time slot to another seller and adjust the Auction Location program information.


The Stall/Podium Registration Fees will be set by the Auction House.


Sellers are responsible for paying a 10% fee of the final sold price to the Auction Location. These fees are due and payable immediately after the sale is complete and before the seller/broker/representative leave the Auction Venue.


The Seller/Broker/Representative must be onsite during the auction to complete Auction Location payments and collecting/transferring breedable to the Buyer.


Neither ABC nor the Auction Location is responsible for your breedable or the financial transactions. That is the sole responsibility of the Seller/Representative.


Anyone who consistently does not adhere to these simple rules will not be allowed to auction their breedables either on a suspension or permanent basis.


In the event that these terms/guidelines are not followed you risk loosing your privileges in selling or any activity involving ABC Auctions suspended or permanently removed.


In the spirit of fair play we encourage principled and honorable conduct within the guideline of the Auction House rules, Auction House Owner Code of Ethics, and general camaraderie of the ABC community.

Any unprincipled or unscrupulous conduct by patrons at any ABC Auction, as determined by ABC Management, will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action by the auction houses and/or ABC - Awesome Breed Creations.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
Page Updated: 6.05.16