Auctions - Location Guidelines

Auction House Guidelines




Thank you for your interest in becoming an ABC Authorized Auction Location Operator. We are very excited about our new Breedables and want to have premier Auction Locations showcasing these amazing Breedables.


All applicants will need to meet certain requirements and follow the Guidelines put in place by ABC and its staff. If you feel that your Auction Location meets these requirements, please complete and submit the Auction Location Authorization Application Form.





You will need to provide ABC a logo, Landmark, and slurl for your Auction Location.


The venue can be any style but must have a designated place for an Auctioneer.


Numbered podiums, stalls, or equivalents to place the breedables on for easy identification.


Location for displaying Authorization or Licensing Documentation.


All Authorized ABC Auction Locations will need to have a Licensed Auctioneer presiding over all Authorized Auctions. You can hire an in house or freelance Licensed ABC Auctioneer.


All Authorized ABC Auction Locations will agree to sign and follow the "Auction House Owners Associations (AHOA) Code of Ethics"




The Auction Location is responsible for providing a venue as described in the “Requirements” section of this document.


The Auction Location Authorization certificate must be displayed on site at the venue.


The Auction Locations Auctioneer License certificate needs to be displayed on site at the venue.


Auction time slots will be determined by a lottery selection process based on your submitted choices.


The Auction Location line up will be sent to the auction venue 2 hours prior to the auction time slot by a representative from the ABC Auction Team.


The Auction Location needs to be familiar with the Auctioneers Guidelines to incorporate and make decisions for setting and managing their house rules.


“Starting Bid Dropping” is not allowed during the auction.


The Auction Location will provide a Breedable Spec Sheet that contains the information for each breedable in your Auction Line Up. The Spec Sheet is placed in a box/giver usually placed near the auctioneer. The Breedable Spec Sheet should NOT have the reserve price. The Reserve price needs to be removed, that information is for the Auction Location management and the Auctioneer only.


ABC nor the Auction Location are responsible for the breedable possession transfer or the financial transactions. That is the sole responsibility of the Seller/Broker/Representative.


The Auction Location will be responsible for sending ABC the auction sales results for the Market Reports and Website. This needs to be done within 2 hours of auction close.


Sellers are responsible for paying a 10% fee of the final sold price to the Auction Location. These fees are due and payable immediately after the sale is complete and before the seller/broker/representative leave the Auction Venue.


The Auction House is responsible for paying ABC a 40L$ service charge per podium at the end of each auction. This service charge is to cover the costs of the Auction Team.


There is a limit of one horse per podium. The only exception is selling a Mare with its foal that is newborn to 3 days old.


ABC is not responsible for unpaid fees, although this is a serious infraction against the Guidelines and there are consequences; please notify the Auction Team with the details of the Auction date/time/final sale price and any conversation documentation gathered.


In the event that these guidelines are not followed you risk loosing your privileges as an Authorized Auction Location or any activity involving ABC Auctions suspended or permanently removed.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
Page Updated: 1/1/14